The Next Generation
Bank On Klaytn

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Everyone Earns Interest

Both depositors and borrowers can earn sKBT as interests

Borrow with no collateral

Borrow instantly without collateral and
Repay within one transaction at Low Risk

The First Uncollateralized
Loan On Klaytn.

For Developers, By Developers.

Stake for as long as you want

Stake in Safety Vault to secure KlayBank and earn significant APY

Sell LPs and Get tokens
as rewards

Sell LP tokens at KlayBank and get extra KBT

How is KlayBank Different?

KBT’s growing value is backed by

Protocol Owned LP tokens

Long-term staking
at Safety Vaults

Share the Proceeds of 
growth with Governance

Fully Decentralized

Coming soon!

Open-source. Of course.

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